2. love getting day drunk with my mom at home 


  4. Looking through photos on my phone from last summer and finding the most random shit


  5. starting a painting today

    with the ‘clever’ idea that I am going to appropriate my own art lol using a kaleidoscope camera to take a photo of old prints I’ve done and painting that 

    …I like it 


  6. honestly losing hope in people more and more everyday. everyone cares about themselves too much and are willing to make promises and then bail whenever something better comes along. I feel like one of the only people who are willing to stand by their word and try to make others happy in doing so - I don’t see how its that hard of a concept to understand ? 


  7. I am so bored. I have nothing to do but come up with an idea for my next art piece…… ugh and it just has to be super crappy outside too like be cold whatever but wouldn’t mind a blue sky


  8. A little too excited that the trees are starting to bud :)


  9. Today was such a good day…

    Ive been working on a pinhole camera project for a couple weeks now with nooo luck at all, and today I lucked out so bad. The negative looked crappy but as a positive it was super nice, sooo happy thank god that it worked! Cant wait to bring the prints home next week and be like ya man I made the camera and developed all the pictures, sooo cool omg :)

  10. I’ve been up since 530 this morning omg


  11. gorgeous Hercules man on the train - don’t mind as I stare at you creepily ;3

  12. its so crappy out, skipping class to read and relax :3


  13. a girl in my art class always laughs about how I used to have my septum pierced and today she’s like “I jus don’t think thats you!” and I wanted to be like CUZ BISH U DUN NO MIIII


  14. I miss home soo much already omg get me out of here wtf